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Publish content worth talking about

Enhance your message in one easy-to-manage platform. AAP Publish gives you total control over content. Create your stories, amplify with social, and then enrich with breaking news, images and video from the award-winning AAP newswire. Beautiful templates out of the box, or let us create your unique vision.

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All the world's content

Publish gives you total control over your content. Pull breaking stories, images and video from global news agencies and the award winning AAP newswire.

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Quickly publish the best content

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Premium coverage topics

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Trusted image, video and news sources

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Leading journalists and producers in your app

Get the most from your efforts. Quickly bring in extra resources and support to elevate your message and tell the best story. Scale your team and climb content peaks.

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Newsroom management

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Custom content creation

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Responsive, professional services

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Aggregate and 
amplify your message

Simply connect influencers and topics relevant to your message and drive user engagement. Combine our award-winning news with a stream of fresh, user-generated content.

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Aggregate the best social

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Launch a social-driven network in minutes

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Design a custom content experience

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Design your own 
digital newsroom

Take full control over the look and feel of your content network. Beautiful, responsive templates at a click, or let us realise your custom design. Create custom workflows on the fly or let us do the heavy lifting.

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Premium and custom templates

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Seamless team workflows

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Outsource editing and publishing work

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